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Less individuals on a set means much less individuals might be employed: Boman Irani

“The lockdown has been difficult on everybody, but it’s about how people are coping with it that Is more important,” says Boman Irani. The Munna Bhai M.B.B.S (2003) actor says that “it has been less hard on us — people with hard roofs and three-square meals everyday as compared to ones who don’t”. “I don’t think we are in any position to grumble. We should be grateful. Yes, it does get a little frustrating. But this is what it is and we have to just get along with it. The more you grumble, the worst it is going to be for you,” he opines. 

Ask him about shoots resuming within the nation, and he says, “Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t think I am in a position to talk about when shoots will begin. It is a conjecture. But it depends on a lot of factors. When the time is good, the shoots will begin.” So, does he suppose taking pictures with much less individuals on the units might be a problem? “Adapting to situations like we are doing today and doing stuff from home, we will find our way to do newer things. I don’t think it will be a challenge,” she shares.

However, Irani has one other concern in relation to much less individuals on the units. “Less people on a set means less people will be employed. That hurts me more. Of course, that will be a greater challenge than making movies with a thinner unit,” he says.  

About individuals preferring to look at films on OTT platforms than within the film theatres sooner or later, he says that “all of this is temporary”. “I don’t know how long it will take. People have been watching movies on OTT platforms and they will continue to do so. There is a restlessness among people. And I think when the waters are safe and the sharks have all swam away, people would like to go back to the theatres. With trepidation, of course, but once things are safer the theatres will fill up again,” provides Irani.

Personally, Irani agrees that it may not be the correct time to begin taking pictures. “Not now for sure. But if it has to be done, it has to be done with extreme caution and manic handwashing and sanitizing. If that will be the method people are ready to follow in a regimental way like it’s an army rule, then okay then there will be a slow infiltration to the studios. There will be a great amount of disciplined required,” he indicators off.

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